A Guide To Minimum Deposit Casinos

Despite the immense growth in the popularity of online gambling in decent years, there’s still plenty of people who are put off from joining the fun because they assume it’s a ‘rich man’s’ hobby. Truth be told there’s absolutely hundreds of casinos that offer very low minimum deposit requirements for new members. This money isn’t a fee – instead it’s basically the players initial bankroll for their first session with a new casino. All monies deposited with the casino are there to played with. Indeed it’s very rare to find any casino that charges a membership fee nowadays, and those that do are usually for very high stakes gambling (especially poker).

The good news is that from the casual player’s perspective, it”s never been more affordable to set up an online gaming account. Minimum deposits from as little as $1 can be found, but these sites tend to be rather low quality. Top quality international online casinos, including all the major names usually expect a deposit between $5-10. For this small sum players get access to a fantastic choice of market leading games, slots and often sports book options too. More specialist sites that focus on slots, pokies, bingo, poker etc usually also expect a similar minimum initial deposit.

So far so good – but it’s worth noting that there are both advantages and disadvantages when players choose to take the minimum deposit route.

The Advantages Of Using Low Minimum Deposits

As we’ve already alluded to, the great advantage of low initial deposit casinos is that they are extremely accessible. Anyone with a few spare bucks to play with can sign up and enjoy their favorite games. Yet there are other notable advantages too.

Even the most loyal of casino clients always have that occasional niggling doubt that there may be a better casino out there that simply they haven’t been aware of. After all the market is incredibly crowded and while dominated by a few dozen major names, there’s hundreds of little fish that may offer a better gaming experience. It all comes down to personal taste – which makes it important to always keep an eye out for new casinos that may offer a better deal. Obviously casinos know this, and it’s precisely why they universally offer generous loyalty bonuses to their existing players.

Minimum deposit casinos make it easy and relatively inexpensive to try out alternative services and basically shop around. From a players perspective there should be little in the way of brand loyalty when it comes to gambling – they ought to always be looking for the best deals and experience. Adopting this attitude encourages casinos to continue to improve the quality of their service and games. If minimum deposits were much higher, then there’d likely be much more complacency in this regard.

Remember that some casinos are ‘Jack of all trades’ while others specialize in certain gaming formats. This is often especially the case with slots, where playing with a dedicated slots site is often much better than with a more broad service. This is why plenty of gamblers have a few accounts with different casinos that they use to play certain games on. Low deposits make this affordable and deliver an overall much better gaming experience.

The Disadvantages Of Minimum Deposits

The major issue with placing a minimum initial deposit is that it really handicaps the potential of sign up bonuses. Let’s say for example a casino offers a 100% match on initial deposits – there’s a big difference between $5 on the house and say $100 extra to play with. To put it bluntly it pretty much freezes low rolling new players out of the market. Paradoxically this is what the casino wants because they know very well that many new players will be tempted to make a higher deposit when completing their registration, simply because it looks like they’re passing up on ‘free’ money.

Yet it’s important to make a very significant point on this matter that also flips this argument on it’s head. All those deposit matching promotions are only usually paid out after typically 30 or 50 times the value has been subsequently gambled. No matter how you look at it, that’s a significant amount of additional money to wager!

A handy final tip is to look out for promotions that offer a straight cash bonus for playing their games on mobile devices. Apps are all the rage at the moment and plenty of the big names are offering no-strings bounties for players who install their software. Even with a low deposit this can be a handy way of enhancing a modest starting bankroll.

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