Age is Telling on Men and Not Women!

There has been a murmur all along going round over the United Kingdom that Bingo games of U.K. are tilted slightly towards the feminine gender. This is not without some reason of course, as the British ladies patronize U.K. Bingo Clubs and exclusive Bingo halls large in numbers during evenings as a routine. This gathering of ladies consists of moms, aunts, cousins, grandmas and youngsters and all of them fancy playing Bingo games as an entertaining and enjoyable pastime.

Some curious online Bingo operators wanted to ascertain the mind-track of the British women folk and in coordination with land Bingo Clubs and neutral agencies, conducted a survey recently. The participants of this big survey – gaining access and getting answers from 10,000 people in U.K. to the survey questions have revealed quite interesting facts.

The essence of the survey is throwing an amazing fact – women are happier and more fulfilled than men. Added information is the number of happier women increases as they get older and older. The main reason attributed by the survey participants is women are capable of handling multi-tasking (an admirable quality needed when you are playing Bingo online – to hear or see the flashing Bingo numbers with one eye, daubing checked numbers, chatting with another member, counting the completed numbers and calculating how much to go to close a full house and adding money for betting at intervals – all of them at the same time) capabilities. This helps them in overcoming any stress or strain in struggles when bringing up their families.

Women are blessed with this ability of focusing on more than one thing at a time and therefore they enjoy life fully with its pleasures and fun – big or small.

On the other hand, men are genetically motivated to act as the breadwinner and all life of them is self-centered in assessing their worth in terms of money and how much they can bring home to win a social status. Nothing could distract them from this, fun or no fun. When they become old and retire from active money earning period, they get depressed of losing self-assumed importance. They tend to worry always that their working life has disappeared. A grumpy old man is thus born.

It is no wonder that grandmas in U.K. are happily playing Bingo games offline and online and grab up fabulous prizes every now and then as we see. What they should do is wake up their partners too and club them to play enchanting Bingo games along with. This way both ends are benefited – the Bingo Game Industry and disenchanted old men to get rejuvenated as well.

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