Become Lucky

Luck is a state of mind. People who are lucky
people who think of themselves as lucky tend to think and behave in different ways than those who think of themselves as unlucky.

Our thinking and acting may cause us to experience serendipitous events in some areas of our lives and to experience seeming obstacles in other areas. Changing the way we think may change our experience instantly.

For example
many years ago
a friend used to take me to play bingo. During the first two years I played I won absolutely nothing. I believed that it was not part of my destiny to win anything playing games of chance. I didn’t expect to win anything and I didn’t win anything.

Then one day
the Law of gratitude crossed my mind
and just for the sake of experiment I began expressing gratitude – in advance – for winning a specific game at Bingo that evening. For about an hour that afternoon I kept on subjectively experiencing myself winning a specific game on a green card at Bingo and feeling gratitude for the winnings. I went to Bingo that evening
and I won exactly the game for which I was expressing gratitude. From that day onward I kept on winning consistently.

One day I needed $200
so I went to play bingo. A friend of mine dropped by in the middle of the game which paid $200. He knew that I didn’t have any money to throw away
and he made fun of me and laughed at the idea that I came to play bingo to get $200 that I needed. Several numbers later
as all the numbers I needed came
I raised my card and yelled “Bingo!” – I just won $200 I needed. My friend was speechless. I smiled and said “Mind over matter!”

Later on I won jackpots at playing bingo and slot machines
again giving thanks in advance for the winnings. While I don’t believe in gambling as a strategy for creating financial wealth
I do consider playing games of chance as a fun way of conducting mind over matter experiments. If you play with money
play only with the money you can afford to lose even if you are 100% sure that you are going to win
or better yet
practice first playing games with fun money
until you develop some proficiency in directing the outcome of the game with your mind.

If you play games of chance
one of the things you may learn rather fast is the necessity of letting go
of detaching from the outcome. People often ask me how can you have a desire for something and detach from it at the same time. You do that by shifting into a state of an observer
as if you were observing a miracle that is being done through you
rather than you doing it yourself
of if you will
rather than you doing anything consciously.

Here is an example from the time I dealt a game of roulette at a casino. A player put me in the game by giving me a $25 chip. I could put it on any number
and what I win would be my tip. I picked number “8” – it was as good as any other number. My task was to spin the ball so it lands on number 8. That was beyond what I was able to do consciously
so I called upon that power and intelligence that expresses through my body
through roulette wheel
through roulette ball and everything else. You may call it unconscious
Greater Self
God or whatever you like. I had merely silently expressed my intent
that the ball lands in slot with number 8
and then I surrendered my hand to this Greater Self
and spun the ball from the state of mind of an observer rather than a do-er. The ball landed exactly on number 8 and I got a tip of $900.

All instant manifestation of anything involves exactly the same process of expressing an intent and then surrendering yourself
letting go and detaching yourself from the outcome by shifting into an observer state of mind. Instead of doing anything consciously
you simply watch the miracle happen
you let your unconscious
your Greater Self
or whatever you like
to call it
do its thing.

When you are in a do-er state of mind
you experience some tension in your body
maybe the greatest tension is felt somewhere in the area of solar plexus. When you shift into an observer state
you experience peace and relaxation. When you are tense
you block the energy from manifesting
when you are relaxed you let it flow and you allow the desired outcome to happen.

This observer state of mind is also an ideal state to be in between your self-hypnosis sessions
when you are done stating your intent in some way
usually by subjectively experiencing your desired outcome. It is like a state of joyful expectation
a state of openness
a state of allowing.

You could say that people who consider themselves lucky tend to look for signs that affirm the manifestation of their desired outcomes
while those who consider themselves unlucky tend to look for signs that affirm that what they desire is not there yet and may never even happen.

If you walk through life with the belief that “something good comes out of everything”
you’ll always discover something good in every situation
something you can rejoice in and feel grateful for. These feelings by themselves raise your energy level
your vibration
align you
harmonize you with all power and what you desire to experience begins to happen spontaneously and effortlessly.

A couple of women here in Toronto won $1 million dollars on instant lottery tickets which they purchased during a shopping spree before their weddings. The forthcoming weddings put them into a state of mind of joyful expectation
into a state of mind where they were in love with life and everything felt wonderful and perfect and the lottery winnings manifested as natural expression of this inner joy.

If you pay attention to what happens in your life when you feel in love with anything
when you feel happy and blissful
you may notice that you are at such times in greater harmony with everything and good things happen spontaneously and effortlessly because you are allowing life to flow through your being.

Many years ago
a young man who reminded me of one of my spiritual teachers
invited me to go with him to a racetrack where the horse he was training and which was to race the next day
was staying. I’ve never been at a racetrack before
so I was curious. When we got there
the young man left me alone with the horse for a few moments
and as I gazed into the eyes of that horse
I suddenly felt my body and the horse’s body dissolving
horse and I merging into one and expending all across the universe – as one
formless spirit. The experience was out of this world and so overwhelming that tears came to my eyes. The boy and the horse
who were staying at this racetrack only for one race
left the city
but I kept going back to the racetrack
hoping to have that otherworldly experience again
hoping to again experience myself free of all boundaries.

At first when I went to the racetrack
I didn’t bet on any horses. I merely went there
every day
just to practice experiencing that state of oneness with the horses. While I haven’t experienced exactly that otherworldly experience I desired
I felt love for everything on that racetrack and all the smells
sounds and sights of the racetrack triggered a sense of delight in me.

I soon discovered that in this state of oneness with the horses
picking winning horses was effortless. Since I had no intention to bet
and no self-interest was involved
there were no obstacles to the free flow of energy and information. I was simply basking in the feeling of love. Sometimes before a particular race I would hear a song in my mind that contained the name of a horse that would win in the forthcoming race. For example
a song about a girl named Cinnamon would play in my mind before a race in which a horse named Cinnamon Toasted won.

If you practice increasing the
feeling of love within you
you will notice that your intuition as well as your luck will increase. Through love you get in tune with everything
you step in harmony with everything. It doesn’t matter what it is that you love
as long as you let this love flow freely
rather than offering it as a trade-off for something else. The latter is no longer love
it’s bargaining. The difference is that when you let love flow through you freely just for the sake of love
the energy flows freely through you
you remain in an open
receptive state. When you are offering love so that you can get something back
your energy tenses up and you begin to close down
to cut yourself off from the wellspring of good fortune. The more open you are
the more blessings
good fortune you allow into your experience of life. The more open you are
the more expanded you become and the more things you embrace into your life.

You can pick as an object of love anything you feel you can love totally and completely – whether it is the Infinite Spirit as Divine Light
by whatever name you may want to call it
or it is some individual
or an object. It should be something that you can love just for the sake of feeling love in your being and expressing it
not because you want something in return. You can pick something that when you look at it
you simply feel so good all over
you feel happy and love naturally and effortlessly flows through you. When you direct your love toward such individual or an object
or even an abstract idea
that individual or object becomes a doorway to the infinite for you. Through love you align yourself with the infinite
because the essence of the infinite is love.

The Infinite Spirit
the Divine Light is contained in every speck of creation – beginning with yourself and in everything that is visible and invisible
including in all things and circumstances where you’d like to experience more luck.

In some cultures and traditions
people put statues or pictures of different spiritual beings and direct their love toward the infinite thorough those images or objects. If you recognize this Divine Light in yourself
you may as well use your own picture and love the Infinite through your own image. It is not the material image that you love
but rather the Infinite that expresses through it. People may choose pictures of saints
angels and other highly evolved spiritual beings because it is much easier being aware of the Infinite in something which already expresses pure love
rather than in something like a piece of dirt – but the point is that the Infinite Spirit is contained in everything and absolutely anything and everything can serve as a doorway to the infinite if you allow yourself to look beyond appearances.

When you fall in love with someone
you do not judge the person and whatever faults the person may be experiencing
all that you know is that you love. You overlook all the shortcomings and you are only aware of love. At that moment you are aware of that which is Divine
even if it were clothed in mortal flesh.

Whether you choose an object or an individual or anything material
the love you express is putting you in tune with the source of all power
with One Infinite Spirit
One Divine Light expressing through everything
regardless of the form it may take. When you communicate with the Infinite
it will take the form of whatever you have chosen
based on your background
beliefs and experiences
to be Divine for you. Different people can have an experience of the same miraculous event
and each person will see a different form – at the same time – one may see an angel
one may see Jesus
one may see Krishna
or Shiva
one may see mother Mary
or some spiritual teacher or anyone else. The Divine Light becomes translated into the form or name we have ascribed to Divine. The form is then only a doorway to the infinite
a reflection of the infinite love
power and wisdom which reside in you
which in effect are what yo
u truly are.

For many people it seems easier to believe that the love
power and wisdom they desire to experience are in someone or something else
rather than in themselves – and for a while
until they discover that they there is only One love
power and wisdom present in everyone and everything – they find it easier to direct their devotion and faith into someone or something external to them. For a while this external object or individual acts as a mirror of that love
power and wisdom contained in every speck of creation.

when you experience the Divine Light
then you know that the whole is contained in every speck of creation – within and without
and you are able to be aware of the Infinite
of Divine in everything – recognizing the Divine in a grain of sand just as in yourself
in any face or in any circumstance.

If you need a lucky charm – whether you pick Lucky Wanga oil
or rabbit’s foot
or an image of a saint
or a guru
or some deity
or angel
or even your own image – they will all work equally well if you let them act as doorways to the Infinite through which all the power of creation can flow into your life. Acknowledge the Divine Light in yourself and in all life and love it with all your being and you will walk in tune with all the good fortune in the universe.

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