Celebrity Bingoers

Everyone likes playing bingo, it might be online bingo, bingo for charity at a church or school, bingo in an old age home and bingo in land based clubs. Regardless of where the game is played, it is loved by all. Bingo provides winners with life changing amounts of money, it is attributed to keeping the elderly sprightly, exercising the brain and has raise in the past huge amounts of money for charitable donations.

Bingo is for everyone, there is no-one who is embarrassed to admit that they have played a game of bingo and enjoyed it. The only people who don’t like the game are the ones who have not given it a chance and are not even prepared to try a game. These are the people who hold forth on a subject matter they have absolutely no clue about and I steer clear of them.

Quite a few celebrities have stood their ground and admitted they like playing bingo, even Bill Clinton has played online bingo, and this is one intelligent man, although I did think the Monica Lewinsky thing was a bit daft! I mean the man was the President of the world’s most powerful Super-nations, but I suppose he likes bingo, so one must assume that he is also human.

Some really famous people started their careers in the business of bingo calling. Russell Crow of “A beautiful Mind” fame; was a bingo caller before he became a super star film actor. The boy’s bands West Life and Blue, both sport singers who started their careers in bingo calling. I suppose that it was good voice practice! Robbie Williams is partial to a game of charity bingo and he even used his local Stoke Bingo hall to film a music video with Darryl Hannah. I believe he once won a handbag at a charity bingo game.

Bianca and jade Jagger enjoy a game of online bingo and if it wasn’t for the fact that Catherine Zeta Jones’ father won money playing bingo, she never would have got her acting lessons.

The common denominator when it comes to playing bingo is probably the social aspect, this is not different in the online version of the game, and it should be appreciated that bingo is for everyone. I believe that even the Queen of England enjoys a game of bingo every now and then.

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