Educational Bingo

The majority of people probably know how to play bingo – it’s a game that most of us have encountered, and perhaps even played, at some point in our lives. One thing that you may not however be aware of, is that bingo is growing in popularity as an educational and teaching tool.

More and more teachers are adapting the game for their classrooms. The game is well-suited to educational because, while it’s very easy for students to learn, it’s also highly adaptable. Moreover, since no specialist or expensive resources or materials are needed to play bingo, it fits in with financial constraints that students work under.

The game is particularly popular for teaching English (both K-12 and English as a Second Language), math, and foreign languages such as French, German, Italian or Spanish.

Most variants of the game, do require special bingo cards printed with items other than the numbers that you usually find on bingo cards. For example, in a math lesson, the cards may be printed with math questions, and in a Spanish or French lesson, the cards would be printed with words in that language. Of course, teachers won’t want to spend money on buying preprinted cards, especially considering they’ll need different cards for different lessons – so the best option is for the computer to prepare the cards themselves. Creating bingo cards manually is possible, but extremely time consuming – better to get some bingo card maker software and print off the cards for your computer. Simply enter a list of the items you want on the cards, click a button, and you’re done!

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