It’s Good to Talk

In the face of doom and gloom from the recent economic crisis, the online bingo industry just keeps on growing. Over the last few years the industry has boomed and shows no signs of stopping. Factors such as the smoking ban and increasing prices in town due to inflation have meant many are shunning traditional nights out for a bit of eyes down action from the comfort of their own home. But what is it about bingo that makes it so popular?

Seems like one of the key reasons is the community aspect. Bingo sites keen to place as much emphasis on building strong communities as the huge cash prizes on offer. One of the main ways sites do this is providing various chat rooms for their members.

A recent survey by online bingo portal Bingo Hideout shows their efforts are paying off. They recently interviewed over 2,000 online players, revealing that:

• Over 75% of online players frequently use the chat rooms• Half questioned had made new friends through the sites and their chat rooms• Players had found long lost relatives, new jobs and even romance in the chat rooms.

Over one third of respondents agreed that playing online bingo had actually made an improvement to their lives. From overcoming loneliness and finding new friends and even jobs, respondents welcomed chat rooms as a useful way of build support networks as well as share bingo tips and gossip. Stories ranged from how one player became godmother to a fellow bingo player’s child to housebound players who found a great opportunity to make friends. Others talked about how other chat room members (roomies) helped them through depression and also helped them find new partners.

A lot of this is down to the sites themselves. Online bingo sites like focus on bringing their players that little bit extra. Far from being a solitary experience, the chat rooms these online halls provide help to create a fantastic gaming experience and community.

Each site has it’s own unique personality and all are chock full of interesting games and helpful administrators that help to delight newbie’s and pro’s alike.

The chat rooms are also a great way to look out for new games that will earn you extra BP’s (Bingo Points), which can be swapped for bingo cards, giving you more chances to win for free. So whether you are looking for some friendly advice to help you get started or to catch up with other regular gamers, getting involved with a site’s community can definitely bring you a better bingo experience.

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