Modest Jackpot Winner Helps School

Modest Jackpot Winner Helps School

Some lottery winners are truly inspirational, having remained grounded even after they win such inordinately large amounts of cash. And large cash prizes are definitely the case when it comes to playing US lotteries such as the US Powerball and Mega Millions! Tonight’s favourite US lottery the Powerball has a jackpot on offer for $40 million, and that’s just their starting jackpot! We hope it’s awarded to someone who will use it positively.

Such as 84 year old Gloria MacKenzie, who took home the largest Powerball jackpot to date at $590.5 million! MacKenzie didn’t flaunt her win publically but instead quietly helped people in her community in positive ways. It’s the trait of a heroine. She hasn’t let the win change her; she has only used it to create change.

This wonder woman is the epitome of a graceful winner. According to Quenten Clark, superintendent of schools in the East Millinocket area, MacKenzie donated $2 million of her lump sum of $390.0 million towards the maintenance of a high school’s roof which has required the repairs for over a year. Clark said, “I think without [the donation], the school was going to die.”

MacKenzie’s unsolicited donations have delighted townsfolk since her windfall and she’s become infamous for her kindness. Her daughter, a biology teacher at the school in need is so happy her mother assisted in funding the repair project. MacKenzie has also very cleverly remained out of the limelight whilst quietly donating parts of her winnings to worthy causes, building a reputation of trustworthiness and generosity.

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