Sight Word Bingo

Sight words are common English words that students need to learn recognize by sight, rather than sounding out, in order to achieve reading fluency. In many (but not all) cases they have irregular or unusual spellings so can not be sounded out anyway. Because of their importance, educationalists generally place a lot of stress on learning these words, and as a result teachers have developed a variety of classroom activities to help children master these words. Some typical sight word activities include the use of flash cards, group activities, and classroom games, such as “sight word bingo.”

Here is how to play sight word bingo:

1. Each child is given a bingo card containing a different random selection of sight words, and a marker pen (or set of counters).

2. The teacher reads out words in a random order, taking care to pronounce each word as clearly as possible.

3. The child then look for that word on their bingo card. If they find it, they cross off that square (or cover it with a counter). There is also one special square on the card, marked “Free space”, which children can mark off whenever they want.

4. The winner is the first student to achieve a winning pattern and call out “Bingo!” (the teacher should check the child’s bingo card). Exactly what is a winning pattern, can be varied depending on the length of game required, but something like a straight line of five items, or two intersecting straight lines of five items, is the normal rule.

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