Take Advantage of Bingo Loyalty Programs

Take Advantage of Bingo Loyalty Programs
Online bingo companies have devised a number of strategies to attract new players and have also developed several programs designed to retain and reward loyal players. The logic behind loyalty programs is quite simple; they want you and others to continue to play at their sites and make regular deposits and wagers. Loyalty programs are […]

Canadian Bingo Halls Go High Tech
Despite growth in the online bingo sector land based bingo is taking a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. In England the smoking ban sent the land based bingo industry into chaos and thousands lost their jobs as bingo halls across the country closed. In Canada land based bingo is also in decline. The […]

Bingo Hall Closures Sending Players Online
Back in 2006 when the UK government imposed a national smoking ban the brick and mortar bingo industry was thrown into chaos. A survey taken at the time showed that about 63% of all bingo players were smokers and a large number of those polled indicated that they would cut back on attendance at local […]

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