Taking coaching in poker is double edged

We all know that in poker then it is better to receive instruction from people who have actually achieved what you are trying to achieve……this is to become a winning poker player. However life isn’t quite so simple in this very complex game because how you amass money is different based on individual styles. Before we continue then there is one thing that I think you need to remember with regards to poker “styles” and this is that each style is geared towards certain people over others and there are numerous reasons as to why that is. Players who are risk adverse and who do not like aggressive short handed Texas Hold em games simply because the constant swings force them into playing bad poker should not be learning six max games and six max theory even if the coach who is teaching them or who could be teaching them is a world class player. That is a bit like a Formula 1 driver attempting to teach a novice driver his way of driving whenever he drives in Formula 1. There are certain things that you need to show novices and I for one do not claim to know all the answers because I don’t But poker when you are a winning player is a little bit like investing money. Even when you want to invest money and there are numerous ways that can make you money then many of them will not be suitable simply because they do not suit your own risk profile. Just because some stock market wizard advises placing your entire $50,000 into a certain stock does not make it right to take the advice. The swings may be violent and what if you lost $10,000 in a day, would you then close out your position losing $10,000 or would you carry on in the hope that the advice was sound? If you cannot stand to lose $10k then you shouldn’t have entered the transaction at the start irrespective of the advice. This is similar to poker in that much of the advice that is bandied about and given is simply unsuitable for certain people. This is what makes poker so damn difficult to learn because there are numerous different styles and many of them do not suit certain people. So the first thing that you need to do before you take any coaching is to ask yourself some very searching questions regarding your own risk profile and how you really want to play poker. The problem with this though is that many people are blissfully unaware that certain forms of poker simply do not suit them. But everyone basically knows how cautious they are as this is something that comes out in everyday life. If you are cautious and risk adverse then it is no use being taught a very LAG style that would cause massive swings to your bankroll. The first bad swing would be terrible for you and may even probably blow you out of the game.

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